Identity Theft First Aid Kit


Notify proper parties of your identity theft

In resolving your identity theft case, certain parties will need to be notified and made aware of your situation so that proper steps can be taken with each.

Place Fraud Alerts
By filing a fraud alert with the three national Credit Reporting Agencies, your credit reports are “flagged” so that a creditor accessing your report can be aware of the fact that you are a victim, and validate the identity of the person trying to open an account or credit line in your name. Fraud alerts only stay on your credit report for 90 days, so you will need to place the fraud alert every 90 days to ensure that it stays on your report.


Notify Affected Entities
As soon as you complete a police report and ID Theft Affidavit, send copies of both to all companies that hold affected accounts or show invalid information about you. Send the police report and affidavit, along with all supporting documents, and deliver by certified mail. Keep receipts and records of when this information was sent in case you need proof of notification later on in resolving your case.


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