Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Determining Scope

Figuring out the complete scope of damage is key to identity theft resolution

Many think that resolving identity theft is only a matter of correcting fraudulent items on their credit reports. But the fact is, effects can reach far beyond your credit reports. Therefore, becoming fully aware of the extent of damage caused by identity theft requires a complete review of your personal information.

Request Personal Reports
You can help determine the scope of your situation by reviewing all of the affected personal information reports associated with your identity. As a victim of identity theft, you are entitled to two free reports from each of the credit reporting agencies within the 12 months after placing your fraud alerts.


Credit reports are a great place to start because they can help to identify new credit accounts opened in your name. There are, however; many more reports that you need to check such as Check Reporting Agencies, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Number index, criminal history and medical records. It is very important to conduct a comprehensive review of as many information sources as possible. Identity thieves can cause harm to more than just your credit report.



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