Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Mail Security

Secure personal information in your mail

Both incoming and outgoing mail contains personal information such as account numbers and other sensitive information. You cannot be too cautious when it comes to securing your mail.



Don't Order Bank Checks to be Sent to Your Home
When you order new checks, ask the bank to hold them for you or send them to your local branch. The next time you are in the bank, pick up your checks in person.


Do Not Mail Checks Out From Home
Do not send checks or other sensitive mail from your home mailbox. Drop them off at a U.S. Mailbox or the U.S. Post Office. Mail theft is common and it is easy to change the name of the payee on the check with an acid wash. By putting your checks in your mailbox and putting the flag up, thieves are given a signal to come on by and help themselves to your personal information.


Watch for Important Incoming Mail
When you order new credit cards in the mail, or your previous ones are about to expire, watch the calendar to make sure that you get the card within the appropriate timeframe. If it is not received by the expected date, call the credit card grantor immediately and check to see if the card was sent. Check with your creditors to find out if a change of address was filed if you don't receive an expected card or billing statement.


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