Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Home Security

Take precautions in your home to help prevent identity theft

Your home can be a goldmine for thieves, as much of your sensitive personal information is stored there. Minimize your risk of becoming an identity theft victim by securing your home as well as the information you store in it.


Shred Your Trash
Sensitive documents that include any personal information should be shredded. Cross-shredders that reduce the input into confetti-like pieces rather than strips do the best job to ensure that your information cannot be pieced together. Some shredders have the ability to shred credit cards, as well as paper. If you have one that does not, make sure to cut your credit cards up into tiny pieces with a pair of scissors. Going through your trash, or “dumpster diving”, as it is known, is a very popular method for thieves to obtain your personal information. If you do not take a few simple precautions, thieves can get whatever they need just from your garbage.


Secure Your Home
Store documents containing personal information in a locking cabinet or safe, not in a drawer, or even worse, laid out on a counter or table where they are conspicuous. Your home is a prime target for anyone wishing to steal your personal information. Make sure your doors are locked with deadbolts and that you close and lock your windows when you are not home. As an extra precaution, you may want to install a home security system for additional protection.


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