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Additional Effects of Identity Theft

There are many additional effects of identity theft that can be devastating

Be aware of all the many different ways identity theft can effect victims. Beyond the devastating financial, emotional, and criminal ramifications, there are effects that can effect your social status, travel ability, and employment eligibility, to name a few.


These are just a few of the additional effects of identity theft:


Denial of Employment or Promotion

Should a thief has assume your identity, actions they take can show up when an employer does a background screening for a promotion or new hire. If you are denied employment due to the results of a background screening, chances are, the employer will not tell you the reason for denial. By the time you find out what your background reports contain, the opportunity has already passed, and you will then need to take appropriate steps to clear your name.


Appearing on Watch Lists

Serious social and lifestyle-impairing consequences can occur if an identity thief gets listed as a sexual offender or placed on a terrorist watch list. You can imagine how embarrassing and inconvenient a situation can be if you happen to be stopped for extra security screening at the airport, or worse, disallowed to travel because your name appears as a suspicious person to the airlines. Worse yet, you move into a new neighborhood, your children meet new friends whose parents have checked the registered sex offender list, and unbeknownst to you, your name comes up. These are very serious consequences, especially for an innocent victim. This is precisely why thoroughly checking your personal information reports is imperative.


Turned Down for Medical Insurance

You may be ineligible for medical insurance in severe cases of identity theft , where the perpetrator has used your name to obtain medical treatment. If your personal information has been given to a medical provider by an identity thief who has a life threatening illness or disease such as HIV, this will appear in your medical records, and not only label you with a disease you do not have, but will make you ineligible for medical or life insurance. Clearing up medical records can be achieved once you become aware, but these records (MIB) should be reviewed at least once per year to detect any inaccuracies before they become an issue.


Inability to Renew Driver's License

When it is time to renew or get a new driver's license, if there are unpaid tickets or too many traffic infractions, you may be turned away at the DMV. In a case of identity theft, where the thief has used your identification for a traffic citation, parking ticket, accident, or even DUI, this will affect your ability to renew or apply for a new driver's license. Until the matter is completely cleared up, and your records are returned to normal, this situation could lead to further problems, as you will unable to drive legally until your record is returned to correct standing. It is advised to check all of your personal information reports, including your DMV records at least once per year to avoid these types of issue, and get them cleared up before they become a bigger problem.


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