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Emotional Effects of Identity Theft

How to deal with the emotional aspects of identity theft

Identity theft is an intrusive crime, and victims may seem violated as they discover what damaging effects have occurred, as well as wonder what else can happen. By not letting identity theft overtake your like emotionally, you will have better control over the situation, and be able to handle it more effectively.

If your identity theft occurred as a result of carelessness on your part with your personal information, you may have the feeling of guilt, and resentment. But regardless of what led to the identity theft, you must now learn from your mistakes and move on to resolving your case and becoming more aware of how to prevent the crime from occurring again in the future.

You may also be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about how to proceed once you find out you have been victimized. There are several steps involved in returning your life to "normal", and it may seem like more time, effort, or emotion than you can afford. But there are resources to turn to for help. By turning to an expert in resolving identity theft issues, you can become more assured that your case is being handled correctly and effectively. By getting help with restoring your identity, you will relieve some of the stress of worrying about what comes next, and how much time it will take away from your personal and work life.

It is not uncommon to feel you have been violated, and your privacy has been taken away from you. It may help you to talk with a professional about your feelings, and help you regain your sense of trust and personal security. If your identity was stolen by a family member or someone close to you, you may also feel betrayed by this person. Again, this is another reason you may want to talk with a professional. as you not only have the emotions associated with identity theft, but ill emotions towards your family or friends.

Depression can become an emotion that takes over as you battle through financial or worse, criminal effects of your identity theft. You can overcome the depression with help as well as the effects you are contending with. Do not think you have to face everything alone, and resolve your issues without assistance. You can recover from identity theft, and all of the effects associated with if you know where to turn.

Please refer to your local phone book, health care professional, religious groups, and your employee assistance program for support group information and counseling referrals.

For help resolving your identity theft, please visit our assistance resource section.

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