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Criminal Effects of Identity Theft

How identity theft can have criminal effects on victims

Identity thieves are not always after financial gain. Often, criminals will commit crimes under their victim's name, thereby bypassing any negative effect to their criminal record under their true name.

By using another person's identification, or even several different identifications, criminals who run meth labs, drug rings, and other illegal activities, are creating a record for victims completely unbeknownst to them. Once a criminal record is created, and court dates are put in place, when the identity theft victim unknowingly misses a court date, the consequence is a warrant issued in their name. All it takes now is to get pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and find yourself in handcuffs in the back of a police car.

Identity thieves can use a stolen identification across many states,creating a trail of crimes and records that can sometimes be difficult to find out about. That is, until the most inopportune time comes, and the victim finds out in the worst way possible, by being treated as a criminal.

If you become a victim of identity theft, and the thief creates a criminal record for you, it can be very difficult to clear your name, and prove that you are not the one who committed the crimes.

The effects of identity theft can cost someone a job when a background check is performed, land one in jail, and cause problems in renting housing.

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