Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Verification of Information

Make sure your personal information is correct

Verifying that your personal information is correct is key to protecting your identity. Information that is not verified can turn up to be fraudulent if you don't review it carefully.

When you receive your bills, bank statements, credit card statements, and personal information reports, make sure you carefully review all of the information. You may overlook key details, such as amounts that were charged, dates, your account number, etc.

If you are to quick to pay your bills without verifying all of the charges, you may miss the opportunity to catch fraudulent charges, double charges, and "skimming". Anything you do not remember charging, verify with the credit card company or bank to make sure that the charge is, in fact, correct.

If your credit reports or other reports, such as, DMV records, medical records, and check reporting agencies contain any incorrect information, you need to verify with the original agency/company where the incorrect information came from. If there are mistakes, get them corrected immediately, and if the agency/company claims that the information is accurate, you have the right to obtain the source documents the information originated from.

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