Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Reviewing Information Reports

How to check your personal data to ensure the integrity of your identity

Most people are becoming aware of the fact they need to review their credit reports, but the fact is, there are many other sources that you should verify to ensure that there are no signs of identity theft or fraud.

In addition to credit reports, other national and local databases may contain accurate – or false – information about you.  These include criminal and court records, medical data, Social Security Index, DMV records, check reporting agencies, terrorist watch lists, and sex offender rosters.  (Identity Rehab’s “Identity Snapshot” compiles all of these for you.)

When you are aware of the information contained in these reports, you can then make sure the information reported is accurate, and fix any errors before they negatively affect you.

If, for instance you have a criminal record you are not aware of, an employer may find this information while performing a background check. Because you didn't know about it, you could be unfairly denied employment.

In another instance, you could be stopped for a minor traffic violation, and learn that there is an unknown warrant for your arrest. Unfortunately, you can do nothing at that moment to prove that the warrant was the result of an identity theft. The crime was committed by someone else but YOU are the one in custody.

Many less-severe consequences can occur from inaccurate information.They could be affecting your pocketbook and you might never know. Your medical insurance, automobile insurance, and interest rates on loans could be higher as a result of inaccurate data.

By checking ALL of your personal information reports at least twice per year, you have a much better chance of spotting identity theft or fraud early. Once you know, you can quickly take the next steps to resolve these effects.

The following sections will help you determine what to look for when reviewing your personal records:

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