Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Noticing Red Flags

There are certain red flags to look for to detect identity theft

Everyone needs to be aware of how to identify signs of identity theft. If you know what to look for, you are able to recover from identity theft quicker.

If you find that any of these things has happened to you, they may be signs of potential identity theft:

  1. In checking your personal information reports, you find accounts or collections that are not yours.
  2. You begin receiving calls regarding collections you are unaware of.
  3. Mail that you have been expecting has not showed up yet, or has come up missing.
  4. Payments you have sent out in the mail have not been received by the account holder.
  5. Mysterious charges show up on your bank or credit card statements that you did not authorize.
  6. You have been denied a line of credit or loan because of debts not belonging to you.
  7. You receive a credit card bill from an account you did not open.
  8. You have recently lost or misplaced personal information such as your wallet, purse, or checkbook.

If you have noticed any of the mentioned "red flags", you should follow up with the associated companies or account holders, as well as check your personal reports for suspicious activity.


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