Identity Theft First Aid Kit

Assistance Resources

There is help available for victims of identity theft

Recovering from identity theft can be quite an undertaking when attempting it alone. There are many resources available to provide assistance, these include Non-Profit agencies, legal entities and companies that specialize in completely resolving identity theft for a fee.

Paid Resolution Services

Identity Rehab Corporation

Identity Rehab Corporation
Provides Full-Service Identity Theft Detection and Resolution Services
535 16th Street Ste. 820
Denver, CO 80202


Do-It-Yourself Information

FTC Consumer Sentinel
Government database for reporting identity theft complaints.
Consumer Sentinel Project Team
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20580


Non-Profit Guidance

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Provides guidance to victims of identity theft
3100 5th Ave., Suite B
San Diego, CA 92103


Identity Theft Resource Center
Provides assistance to victims of identity theft
P.O. Box 26833
San Diego, Ca. 92196


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